Frankenbikes - chopper bicycles, tallbikes, freakbikes & trashbikes

long chopper front view
Frankenbikes tallbike chopper bicycle
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6 1/2 foot tallbike
6 1/2 foot tallbike

skull shifter
flipper bike

stretched frame

yellow chopper
13 foot chopper side view li'l red              dave attacks welding

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FrankenBikes are my hacked up & rebuilt bicycles
Some are long and some are tall
All of them throw 150 years of geometry out the window
I ride a tallbike to work daily, but seem not to have any pix of that...
Playing in the traffic is just better on a FrankenBike!

btw  I DO NOT SELL BIKES!!! (but if you are a good enough friend
                                           or a bad enough enemy you might get one as a gift...)

In addition to these pix you can see video of some FrankenBikes in action courtesy of

6 1/2 foot tallbike                     FrankenBikes in action                 DVD intro

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